A Mad Adventure

Today is L. Frank Baum’s birthday. He wrote the Wizard of Oz books that deal with a young girl going on a mad adventure and coming out a different person. But this post isn’t about Dorothy, it’s about another girl who went on a wild ride and came out changed. I’m talking about Alice.

You see, my youngest sister and her friend have always loved Alice and Dorothy, respectively. And, they have both been through experiences that were crazy and that changed who they were on a soul level. In my eyes, my sister, Mary, is the epitome of Alice – she went through terrible ordeals and emerged stronger and more resilient on the other side. In fact, she so embodies the Alice spirit, that when she gets married, it will be on May 4th, the real Alice’s birthday.

So, to all the Dorothy’s and Alice’s of the world, I raise my glass in your honor – you are stronger than you will ever know. Not in spite of what you have been through, but because of it.

I love you Mary and hope you know just how very proud of you I am.

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