Welcome Winter

Winter is officially here. That means that the holiday season is upon us.

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, I hope everyone’s holidays are joyous!

Musical Reaction

Have you ever had a song bring you to tears? Something about the lyrics or melody just triggers an emotion deep inside and you can’t help but weep?

Well, I have. In fact, that happened to me this past Wednesday at 0645 in the morning. I was sitting in my car outside of work, minding my own business, listening to The Sound of Silence by Disturbed, when it hit me. I’ve heard that song many times before, but something was different this time.

I still can’t figure out what provoked the response. Perhaps I just needed to have a good cry. Whatever the reason, it was certainly cathartic. Just the kind of release that’s essential during this stressful time of year.

I hope everyone has great weekend! 



Hot Chocolate Escape

There’s nothing quite like a good mug of hot chocolate to make the day’s worries disappear. That, and having the time to leisurely enjoy it without the need to rush. It’s been rather cold lately and a warm drink is just what is required to unwind into a few relaxing days off.

I hope everyone enjoys themselves this weekend!

Too Tired

Sorry everyone, but I’m too tired to write a real post.

I hope this is a restful weekend for all!