Poem Twenty-Seven




One thing goes wrong and everything else

seems to follow suit. I can’t seem to get away.

Once I’m annoyed, I stay annoyed. The smallest

irritants that shouldn’t cause me any grief just add

to the rolling ball of exasperation that is building up

in my stomach. The only way to dissolve the frustration

is to have something go right, and then something else

go right. This pattern has to continue until I’m back

to my normal self or the fury starts to rise again,

unabated. It just does not seem all that fair.

Poem Twenty-Six


Work Work Work Work


All I seem to do is work –

every day, all day long,

rain or shine, calm or storm.

I can’t seem to find the time

to sleep enough on most nights.

When will this torture finally stop?

Who knows? I need a nap.

Poem Twenty-Five




Mysteries abound in life

and while it is fun to figure

some of them out, there are

others that should be left alone.


Can you determine which is which?

Poem Twenty-Four


Catcher of Dreams


Intricately tied in knots around a thin golden

hoop, it’s thread creating a geometric pattern,

meant to keep any bad dreams stuck in its web,

allowing the good ones to seamlessly slip through

the center opening. Resting on the wall by my bed,

it keeps me safe through the night, until the morning

sun comes to burn all the negative thoughts away.

Poem Twenty-Three


Heart Shifts


We live in thoughts, not breaths;

We should count time by heart-throbs.

~Philip James Bailey


Her pulse quickened as he stepped into view. He turned

and his bright eyes met hers, causing her breath to catch

in her throat. He walked over, a smile playing at the edges

of his mouth. Her heart pounding out a staccato, her palms

slightly moist, she shyly smiled as he stopped in front of her.


With one simple hello, their lives were changed forever.

Poem Twenty-Two


Fancy Talons


Sparkly blue or deep burgundy;

forest green or sunshine yellow.

Cascading snowflakes or curious foxes;

elegant stripes or fanciful polka dots.

Matching shades on toes and fingers;

shaped into points, squares, or ovals.

Long and graceful or short and stubby;

filed and shapely or broken and rough.

No matter the color, design, or shape –

my nails are happiest when they’re

rightfully dressed for the occasion.

Poem Twenty-One


Happy Birthday


Ten years ago, you made this world a brighter

place. Eight weeks later, you came into our lives

and filled a hole in our hearts we didn’t even know

was there. You’re a silly, rambunctious, beautiful

boy and we wouldn’t trade our time with you for

anything in the world. We hope to have you in our

lives for many more years. We love you, Bailey.

Poem Twenty


Blissful Moments


The sweet melodious sound of her laughter

fills the air as she dances in the rain, the drops

bouncing off her rain jacket. Her joy is palpable

with her arms flung out, her head tossed back.

Smiling and dripping wet, she comes back inside –

trading her soggy coat for dry clothes and a warm hug.

Poem Nineteen


Roses are Red


The red rose bloomed unexpectedly.

Spreading its petals wide like a stain

seeping across a lace tablecloth.

The sweet scent emitting from deep

within its center sent a warmth

through the air that could be felt

by those around. It lasted for only

a short period of time, but its presence

lingered for what seemed like days.


Poem Eighteen


Bound by Fate


the way your smile lights up your face

it makes my heart beat faster

the way you walk with so much grace

it’s like you are a dancer


your kisses melt away my cares

and transport love to my soul

your hugs make me desire to share

what we have gained as a whole


together we are far stronger

than those that’d tear us apart

we are bound for so much longer

by the will of both our hearts


the fates brought us together

and we’ll hold on forever