The Groundhog Lied

According to Punxsutawney Phil last Sunday, spring was to come early this year. That prediction was proven wrong yesterday. We went from mild, wet, and brown on Thursday to harsh, frozen, and white on Friday.

It happened overnight; within eight hours the whole world had changed.

And I was left with the issue of getting to work safely and on time.

Fortunately, the roads were still warm enough that nothing was really sticking to them, so I got to work with no problems.

That being said, the groundhog was absolutely wrong. Spring isn’t here and it doesn’t look like it will be for a while. Another six weeks, perhaps. Considering we hadn’t really had a winter this year until now, I guess it’s not too bad after all.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful, snowy weekend!

Chinese New Year

Today we welcome in the year of the Rat. Specifically, 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. If you want details on your particular zodiac animal during this year, I suggest going to That’s where I went to get all my information.

As I am the sign of the Dog, this year is especially auspicious for me, which is great considering I haven’t felt all that lucky lately. I’m looking forward to a successful year. Not just career-wise, but also in my family and life in general.

I hope everyone has a year of luck, health, and happiness!

Intermittent Fasting

The idea of only eating for a certain amount of time in a day isn’t new, but it can be scary. I’ve tried IF (intermittent fasting) before by selecting the exact hours I would and wouldn’t eat. However, my schedule isn’t so cut and dry. It changes from day to day making it damn near impossible to maintain such a rigid timetable.

So, this time I’m doing things a little differently. I’m fasting for at least 13 hours a day, but the start and end times are dictated by the individual needs of each day. So far, it seems to be working. I’ve only been at it for about a week, but I’m feeling hopeful that I can maintain this particular way of fasting successfully for as long as want. I guess we’ll see.

I hope everyone is having a great first month of the year!

New Year, New Hair

Much like last year, I started this year by changing my hair color from a dingy sort of blonde

to a bright copper red.

The beginning of the year is a great time to make a change. I’m sure there’ll be other changes in my life this year and I’m always hopeful that things will change for the better.

With optimism for the coming year, let’s all have a great weekend!

Welcome 2020!

This week has been a bit hectic, so I don’t have much information to share at the moment. I will, however, expand in future posts on the comings and goings in my life.

In the meantime, I hope everyone’s had a great first week of the year!

Welcome Winter

Winter is officially here. That means that the holiday season is upon us.

No matter what you celebrate this time of year, I hope everyone’s holidays are joyous!

A Month of Poetry

April is national poetry month. So, October is kind of like its half-birthday. In that vein, I plan to write a poem a day for each of the thirty-one days in October. In order to hold myself accountable, I will post each day’s poem before midnight of that day.

Now, these poems won’t be polished, by any means. In fact, some of them may be complete garbage. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile to write. That’s the creative process after all. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the motivation to write with any sort of regularity and I need to rectify that.

So, starting Tuesday, I will be putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys rather) every day, for thirty-one days. I hope you won’t judge me too harshly as I undertake this journey. I might just find something on my way.

What that is, we shall find out, together.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Time for Seasons to Change

Summer has been great. It’s also been unbearably hot. Needless to say, I am ready for fall already.

I just got my nails done and they’re like sparkly pumpkins.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’ve embraced my inner witch.

I can’t wait for oversize sweaters, leggings, and boots. Autumn, here I come.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Streaming at Its Best

This past Prime Day, I bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick. I’ve wanted to get one for a while, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend $40 on it. Luckily, it only cost me $10. A much better price.

It took me a month to get around to setting it up, but I did and it’s working great so far. I’m super happy to finally be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on my TV instead of a tablet.

I’ve got some great TV days ahead.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Change is Good

I love being able to change my outward appearance. Dying or cutting my hair, wearing makeup, painting my nails, even dressing in particular styles. These are all activities that allow me to express my inner self in a physical way. And I love it.

I recently decided that it was time for a change. This time, it was the color of my hair. About six months ago, I got it dyed a chestnut brown.

Since that time, it has faded to a mousy medium brown.

It lacked vibrancy, something which seemed to reflect the depression issues I’ve been dealing with for a while. But, that washed out color was no longer reflecting my inner-self. I’m starting to feel renewed and I wanted that change to be more on display.

Which is why I went with a bold new color.


I’ve gone red before in the past. In fact, the first time I ever colored my hair I went red. It was just before the start of my sophomore year of high school. We had just moved from Okinawa, Japan to Preppyville, California. It was also the first time I was going to a civilian school rather than a DoD school. I needed a change and a little extra courage, so my mum helped me dye my dishwater blonde hair to a light, natural red color. I’ve pretty much been hooked ever since.

The ability to make such bold, visible changes is empowering, to say the least. Sometimes, having just a modicum of control over one’s own environment is enough to shake out the cobwebs. To imbue life back where it belongs. And I’m all for making your own statement, whether anyone else likes it or not.

I feel good about myself and that’s all that really matters.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I am!