Valentine’s Day 2020

Yesterday was the day of love and the weather decided to dump several inches of snow on us, again. Still, that makes for a nice, cozy day of snuggling under blankets and drinking hot chocolate. Not a bad way to spend the day.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day!

The Groundhog Lied

According to Punxsutawney Phil last Sunday, spring was to come early this year. That prediction was proven wrong yesterday. We went from mild, wet, and brown on Thursday to harsh, frozen, and white on Friday.

It happened overnight; within eight hours the whole world had changed.

And I was left with the issue of getting to work safely and on time.

Fortunately, the roads were still warm enough that nothing was really sticking to them, so I got to work with no problems.

That being said, the groundhog was absolutely wrong. Spring isn’t here and it doesn’t look like it will be for a while. Another six weeks, perhaps. Considering we hadn’t really had a winter this year until now, I guess it’s not too bad after all.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful, snowy weekend!

First Snow of the Season

It snowed for the first time this past Tuesday. It only snowed a few inches, but it’s stayed so cold since then, that there is still snow on the hill behind our house.

I was hoping the snow would hold off until the new year; my hopes have obviously been dashed. Oh well. The snow is still beautiful to look at and I’ve gotten much better at driving in it. So, all is not lost.

I hope everyone has a safe and warm weekend!

I’ve Got a Secret

The problem is that it’s not my secret to tell. So, you’ll just have to wait a few months and, maybe, I’ll be able to share.

In the meantime, here’s the current view out my front door.

Be safe out there, y’all!


So, I totally forgot to post yesterday. The weather has been a little crazy here lately. It keeps going back and forth – from cold and snowy, to warm and rainy. It’s quite annoying.

Hopefully, I stay on top of things a bit better next week.

Stay safe and warm everyone.